History Headline

Match Company History

In 2001, a pair of optical industry veterans joined forces to begin a lifelong journey with the goal of build a leading optical frame manufacturer that could create new brands that would become fashion brands, helping eyewear professionals lead the way in providing what has become one of the most important fashion accessories.

With a focused plan, we combined our experience in marketing knowledge with a select group of talented designers, state of the art techniques for development and production and the partnership of top of the line factories including our own facility in Italy…. hence the creation began…Match Eyewear.

With our philosophy being on style, quality and partnership, Match Eyewear is committed to providing our customers with outstanding product, excellent customers service and a professional and knowledgeable sales force. With a vast selection of European eyewear for men, women, kids and teens as well as adult sun wear styles, Match Eyewear continues to fit the many and varied demands in today’s growing optical industry.

With worldwide headquarters located in New York, Match Eyewear operates full distribution centers in New York and Italy, and partners with numerous distributors around the world. Focused on high fashion, fine European craftsmanship, competitive pricing and the highest standard of quality we have built a truly international presence for our brands.

Design Gallery Timeline

2014 – Match Eyewear launches Design Gallery, a new division for designer brands

2014 – Design Gallery signs distribution agreement with Vanni Occhiali for US distribution of ophthalmic and sun wear.

2017 – Match purchases the Kata brand and begins design and development of eyewear and sun wear.

2018 – Launched Kata Men’s collection