About Design Gallery

Established in 2014 as a division of Match Eyewear, Design Gallery is a manufacturer and distributor of premium designer eyewear, serving the high end optical and boutique market. With designer eyewear increasingly recognized as a staple in everyone’s accessory wardrobe, the appeal to provide value in terms of style, quality in manufacture and originality of design became a goal of Match Eyewear. Design Gallery’s first collaboration was a brand known for high design, exclusive designed Mazzucchelli material and “made in Italy” product, VANNI OCCHIALI.

VANNI eyewear, made In Italy, signifies not only a creative design process, but a longstanding collaboration with highly specialized Italian manufacturing partners. VANNI eyewear is handmade by artisans whose skill and knowledge have been passed down through generations and produce the highest quality in craftsmanship, promoting beautifully crafted products that Italy has been exporting worldwide since the Renaissance.

Design Gallery grew with the acquisition of the Kata eyewear brand. Kata, since first introduced in the mid 90’s, is a Japanese collection designed around four fundamental pillars – simplicity, innovation, responsibility and authenticit. Deriving inspiration from classic vintage styling, the KATA eyewear collection is a curated compilation of handmade eyewear fostered with careful attention to detail, perfect fit and timeless styling. Each frame a unique representation in classical eyewear design with special attention to intricate design elements that speak to the authenticity of fine eyewear styling.